We tried to stay with the larger groups on deck hoping none of the Top Brass would spot me. Unfortunately, about the fourth day Slim was summoned to Officers’ Quarters. “It has come to our attention that you have a dog on board,” the Lt. in command said. “We will be stopping briefly at Guam and you will have to put the dog ashore. That is the rule because of immigration and quarantine at San Francisco. Is this clear, Chief? Roy looked him right in the eyes and said “Yes Sir.” After being dismissed Roy walked the deck letting it sink in. He had come this far with me and he certainly didn’t intend to leave me behind if there was any way to avoid it. At this point in the journey what could he do?


Slim was sitting on the edge of his bunk looking off into space, deep in thought. I went up to him, sat up on my behind side, and put my paws on his knees.  “What am I going to do about you, Brownie? I don’t have time to find you a home, and they don’t allow dogs on the ship.”  Slim sat on the bunk for several more minutes and then said, “The heck with the rules, Brownie. You are going with me.”

This morning, Roy and the rest of the men got a communique from the Command center which said they were to report to the swimming pool at 1:00 p.m. When we arrived there I saw a strange man with a crown on his head holding a three pronged pole that looked like it could cause some damage.   he was sitting on a throne and someone said he was King Neptune.  Then the fun began.  One by one the sailors were tossed into the pool.  I suddenly found myself being picked up and flying out over the water.  I landed with a splash and went under.  I came up sputtering and paddling like mad.  It was then that I discovered that I could swim.

One morning on one of my many explorations into the jungle I suddenly became uneasy.  I had wandered farther than I had anytime before and I was lost.  I became aware that I was not alone.  I stopped in my tracks and heard a sound coming from the other side of some tall brush.  I peeked underneath the undergrowth and saw a pair of unfamiliar shoes and socks.  They were not regulation issue. The shoes were coming my way and I made a break for it.  I glanced back and it was a Japanese soldier that somehow got way ahead of the enemy lines and into our territory.  When he saw me he stopped dead in his tracks and I started barking my head off.  He had a pistol and several times he took aim, and I would dart into the underbrush and keep barking. At that point in time I was one scared dog and all I could do was make a lot of noise.



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