Do you have a silent, passive yet adorable feline? Or are you a proud parent of an energetic, dorky but extremely lovable dog?

Oftentimes, people identify their selves based on their affinity for either dogs or cats and we frequently hear these discussions in arguments between pet lovers. Like people, our beloved pets are also obviously different. Canines and felines are very distinct in many aspects and stereotypes suggest that dog people differ in personality traits from cat people. And while there are certain characteristics we find appealing in our pets, studies have shown that our choices of pets reveal a little of our own personalities.

Owning a dog will surely expand one’s social circle, thanks to the need to walk them. And since you’re raising and caring one, you are bound to meet a lot of different people. Dog people are seen in general as more extroverted, sociable, energetic and warm, and are the kind of people who usually stand out in a social gathering. They enjoy human interaction. This doesn’t come surprising since dogs have been viewed as sociable animals and affectionate in nature. Cats, on the other hand, prefer to spend time alone most of the time, and studies have shown that people with cats as pets are more introverted. Aside from being introverted, cat people are also open-minded, sensitive, and creative beings. They enjoy independence and, according to a study, have been found to be more intelligent than dog people. They are also found to be non-conformists as opposed to dog people who followed rules more closely. This may be related to the perception that dogs are obedient creatures. Cat people were found to be more neurotic than dog people. They get stressed out easily and are worriers.

These are interesting findings that may help us understand a person’s personality even a little. When scouting prospective partners, or hiring an employee, or whether it’s the first time meeting someone, we tend to ask if they own pets. But while this rundown of personality trait differences between dog people and cat people may hold true, this does not automatically mean every cat or dog owner possessed these said personalities. There are plenty of dog persons who are actually introverted and neurotic and plenty of cat people with happy outgoing personalities. And then there are those who do not have pets due to many factors which prevented them from owning one. And although some research suggest that you can glean a little information into a person’s personality based on the type of pet he or she owns, one does not simply judge that person poorly, or highly, because first and foremost, both are animal lovers that share and understand the responsibilities of owning pets and no matter what reasons we have in choosing a pet, no matter what personalities we possess, in the end, our pets are a part of our family and we love them unconditionally. You might be calling yourself a dog lover, a cat lover or both but it doesn’t necessarily mean you fall under a certain type of personality.

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